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In a human society, our highest priority is always the common good. Our second priority is our self-interest.

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Get Involved! Become a member yourself and invite others to become members. Invite both for-profit and non-profit organizations you would like to become members to do so. And check “Community Actions Planned” in Community Actions menu to join a planned action near you or to organize one yourself. Our sole goal is to raise the awareness in as many people as possible of the option of common good capitalism.

Our goal is to bring about a widespread and very public conversation on the topic
"When human beings reach the higher layers of human maturity
do they freely choose to give priority to the common good or self-interest?"

About the Common Good Capitalism Movement

The mission of the Common Good Capitalism Movement is to mature capitalism into common good capitalism.

Common Good Capitalism is when in a free market economy individuals and organizations freely choose to give priority to the common good and second priority to profit or mission. They can act alone. Or they can join in an association with competitors to reach agreements to voluntarily raise the level labor, environmental, and social playing field beyond what governments have demanded of them while continuing to compete as a secondary priority. Relative to one another this cooperation for the common good will not increase costs. This is not collusion for self-interest; it is cooperation for the common good and, therefore, legal. To assure the public it is not collusion but only cooperation for the common good, a government official will always be invited to be present at all of their meetings.

We are confident the answer to the above question will be what the wise throughout history have discovered: we freely choose to give priority to the common good. It has usually been labeled "moral behavior." This cannot be legislated or policed because it can only be the result of unique free choices in each particular situation. Therefore, this is an invitation to you to freely choose to join this movement.

If the priority of your for-profit or non-profit organization is the common good - whatever you determine it to be, register it here.

This will allow it to receive the recognition it deserves. It will also allow others who seek to do business with such organizations to come to this website and discover you have made this declaration. As this movement grows, each day more will come to this site to see if your organization is registered here. You can join this movement both as an individual (free) and organization (an annual currency amount you choose). Probably you and your organization are already a part of it but not being recognized for it. Now you can be recognized for it and also actively participate in this voluntary maturation of capitalism.

Ways to Commit to Common Good Capitalism

An organization can do any one or more of these as it deems appropriate.


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