Build Our Community by Playing the CGCM Game to Become the
Common Good Mayor of (name your town)

Just join our movement as an individual (no cost) and use the email address with which you joined to start playing our CGCM Game!

Step 1: Sign Up

(+100 points) Just sign up as an individual member to get started.

Step 2: Nominate Organizations

What companies or non-profit organizations do you believe prioritize the common good? If the organization you think of hasn't been nominated yet, then you're in luck! You can create a post nominating them. However, companies can only be nominated once - if you are the first to nominate them, you are the only one who can win points for their certification.

Step 3: Like Other Nominations

Search the feed of nominations. Like other user's posts if you agree.

Step 4: Other Ways to Earn Points:
  • If you like an organization that later becomes certified, you receive another point.
  • If an organization you nominate becomes common good certified after you've already claimed them, you receive 200 points.
  • If you refer an organization to our website, and they mention your email in their nomination, then congratulations, you receive 1,000 points!**
  • Refer a friend to our website and earn 50 points**

Keep referring and nominating organizations. Whoever has the most points in your town is named the Common Good Mayor of (name your town), and holds that title until someone else in the town earns higher points.

Check back frequently to see the status of your nominated organizations.
Organization and friends must enter your exact email, or no points will be rewarded.