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Welcome Back, CGCM!

November 25, 2020

Welcome Back, dear CGCM friends and members! 

It has been a little while. After some rebuilding, we are back with a new team and website, and are excited to be back with you as a part of this great movement.

Speaking of this “movement,” I’m talking about the Common Good Capitalism Movement. This movement has been occurring already for decades before this and through until today. This CGCM platform and organization is dedicated to catalyzing the adoption and advancement of this type of capitalism. Luckily, we are creating this platform on top of an energetic shift that has been occurring the past decades through a myriad of organizations making the conscious choice to prioritize the good of all their stakeholders over profits. 

This is a key part of our evolution as a society.

Now, there is a lot to this, and this platform has and will continue to add more great resources to learn more about the core philosophy behind CGCM. I would especially highlight and recommend Terry’s work as he first brought this to light for me. 

To start, why do we need a Common Good Capitalism Movement?

To jump in plainly, as a capitalist society, we are still operating in a fashion that pits us against one another. We are still inherently operating competitively as if we are not first and foremost “in this thing together.” We have allowed ourselves to dive so deeply into an illusion that we are all only our own little universes, such that some incorrectly believe their individual self-interests are more important than the next person’s - which ultimately leads to competing against that person as the baseline container for our relationships.

As we grow ourselves, we understand this to be a mindset of lower maturity (much more on maturity in Terry’s content). Once we mature this understanding, we can see a natural path towards a more useful version of capitalism. 

As is becoming more evident in the capitalistic world, we have the power and capacity to use this expansive machine that is capitalism as our instrument to create the future we desire.

Forget the “how” for just a second - we will get to that - first, let’s simply agree that it can be done. The amount of resources - financial, human, technological, natural, et. al - that we have concentrated here in our material world would allow us to do anything we want within our understanding of the universe. If we truly - truly - took a look at some of our central problems that are core to our society’s longevity, I know that we have the resources today to systemically fix them.

This is of course an oversimplification, and I do so to highlight that we do not need to come up with hundreds of new widgets and services, or rely on miracles, or Divine intervention to address all of our problems. We need to re-prioritize what we do as a society. We need to re-evaluate how corporations are running, why we have them in the first place, and consider a remodeling.

Enter: Common Good Capitalism. 

What if we all, individually and as organizations, agreed to re-write what capitalism looks like? 

Such that we first agree that the top priority of any organization is to benefit the well-being and evolution of our society, and the next priority is profit. 

We do not want to do away with capitalism (or profits), we want to incite a more productive version of it. Profiting from being the best competitor in your area of responsibility is still ingrained as part of this new CGCM model. 

What we are saying is that we can change the container in which we operate (to shift to a conscious prioritization of advancing our world) and then allow the benefits of capitalism to run free as before. 

We still want and need the innovation that competition brings about in a capitalist society. We just want to make it more useful for the inhabitants of our society (ourselves) and less parasitic to the host we operate on (Earth). We want capitalism to operate as a positive contributor to the greater Oneness. 

To do this, we need to start by agreeing to rethink and re-prioritize why organizations and corporations exist in our society. 

What do you think, could we be doing better as a capitalist society? Please reach out to us with your thoughts, we would love to hear them.

Much more to come from the CGCM team over the coming weeks, months and years. 

Thank you, and here’s to our mutual evolution!

Vince Kozica

Co-Founder, CGCM