How the Community Works

How you can support common good capitalism

  1. Join our community on this website to publicly declaring your support.
  2. Invite organizations (both businesses and non-profits) to publicly declare—be active in your community!
  3. Use our Directory to identify the organizations you will support with your business or donations.
  4. Read the profiles of the declared organizations, particularly those near you, to learn more about them.
  5. Read the blogs and articles posted on this site to learn more.
  6. Plan community activities in your community to educate others.

We believe there will be individuals and organizations around the world that will become enthusiastic supporters of maturing capitalism into common good capitalism. Using this website, they will "publicly declare" that they are joining this movement both as individual members and by inviting the organizations of which they are a part to join.

As the number of organizational members grows, we expect many will check to see if an organization they are working with or supporting is a member. They will choose to prefer doing business with and supporting declared members. They will also encourage the organizations they favor to join.

This will result in more organizations joining and on their profile page describing how they give priority to the common good.

Reading the organization profile pages and blog entries will allow people to discover new actions of giving priority to the common good that they had not thought of which could result in them choosing to do them as well.

We then expect competitors in local or specific markets to join forces to identify actions they could collectively agree upon that would give priority to the common good by raising the level social, environmental, and labor playing field upon which they compete. This will stimulate others to do the same.

Multinational organizations will begin to join.

Of course, legislation in support of common good capitalism will eventually emerge.

What will be most important is that there will be a heightened awareness that our emergence into common good capitalism is the natural next step in the maturation of our now global economy. This will stimulate much discussion of how to do it well.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The launching of this website is one of the first steps. We have little idea what forms common good capitalism will take many steps down the road. What we do know is that it is the next step in the maturation of capitalism.

We know that the next layer of economic maturation must build on and honor individual freedom. This is now obvious to most. This means that free markets are not going to disappear. Therefore, we must find a way to freely choose, as individuals and organizations, to give priority to the common good as the container within which the competition in the marketplace occurs. We believe the options presented herein are some of the ways we will in the private sector self-finance our maturation into common good capitalism.