1-10% Club!

The 1-10% Club is for member organizations that want to help finance our maturation into common good capitalism.

This is the second level of commitment to the Common Good Capitalism Movement!

For those who choose to provide capital for the growth of the Common Good Capitalism Movement, they can commit 1-10% of their organization's annual net profit or cash surplus as an investment, not a donation, in one of the many common good investment-banking firms that will emerge. It can be in any one or more of them as they choose.

The highest priority of these investment firms is to build the Common Good Capitalism Movement. They will primarily buy companies and convert them to stage three memberships in the Cap Club. These are companies that have put a cap on the return to equity investors. It is not important what cap they choose. They just agree to make it public. This will allow for a public debate of what the cap should be. (More can be read about this under Cap Club.)

The 1-10% Club is the main way companies can participate in funding the growth of the common good capitalism movement while receiving a market rate return on their investments. The Common Good investment-banking firms will attempt to provide this return and it can also serve as a way to diversify the investments of the company or non-profit in a way that supports the Common Good Capitalism Movement.

Secondly, once a 1-10% Club member has invested at one of the levels for a year with a commitment to do it in future years, they can reveal to the public on all of their publications they are, for instance, a 3% Club Member.

At the current time we do not have common good investment banking firms registered with us in whom you can invest. We are working to have some come into existence. In the meantime, if you wanted to join the 1-10% Club you could invest the capital in publicly offered high positive social impact securities such as the Calvert Impact Capital Community Investment Notes: invest.calvertimpactcapital.org (beginning investment $20). This capital is invested in cooperatives, low-income housing projects, social enterprises, impact investments, and microloan programs around the world. It is also possible to target your investment to some American cities. Based on the length of commitment the fixed interest rate return is from .50-3.50%.