Common Good Certified!

Common Good Certification can be granted to for-profit member enterprises that have received B-Corp Certification.

This is the fourth level of commitment to the Common Good Capitalism Movement!

Any for-profit company that becomes a member and also receives B-Corp Certification can request to be designated Common Good Certified.

B-Corp Certification is a process of an organization being recognized for meeting a certain level of socially responsible behavior. An organization takes a survey, is interviewed, and periodically evaluated. If it reaches a score above a certain level it can receive B-Corp Certification. This certification does no obligate the company to make a commitment to give priority as it sees best in all it does at all times to the common good. Becoming a member of the Common Good Capitalism Movement is making this declaration. Thus, if a company is a member of the CGCM and has received B-Corp Certification, it can also receive Common Good Certification.

If an organization is a member and has received B-Corp Certification, for as long as has this certification it can reveal to the public on all its publications that it is Common Good Certified.